If You Offer It, They Will Come

Question: How can we offer benefits to companies and employees who can’t afford the usual plans?

Answer: TDA’s Defined Contribution plan offers full benefits at a price everyone can afford.


You’re paid by commission, as in directly by the insurance carriers of your client companies. And that means, if you’re going to give the most and get the most from your clients, you need to answer one question.

What do the employees want?

The answer is, of course, a lot of things. I’m an employee, and I want a beachfront property and the ability to listen to Christmas music every day of the year. I also want job security, and I want to work in an environment in which I feel appreciated, in which I feel my work is seen and compensated, and not just with a paycheck.

One of the top three factors reported by over 5,000 employees as to whether or not they enjoy their jobs—whether they are loyal to their company, whether they are productive and profitable—is their employer’s commitment to health and well-being. Employers who are able to demonstrate that commitment retain their employees.

You don’t deal in beaches and Christmas. Considering the market, that’s probably a good thing. You do deal in health and wellbeing, and with the majority of employees report that an enticing health care plan is a deciding factor in whether or not they stay in a position, you have more power than you may think when it comes to keeping your client companies staffed and profitable.

And you know as well as I do that when they profit, you profit.

Getting the right benefits package isn’t a problem for those who can spend big bucks—you have all the plans and packages a wealthy businessman could ever want. What do you do about all the employees in your client companies that can’t afford the expensive plans? What about the smaller businesses which lack the “security” of a larger company?

The answer, in an ideal world, would be an insurance option that costs less while providing just as much coverage as other options. The answer would be an option without a minimum requirement so you can scoop up the small business market. The answer would be an option with the stability to appeal to small and large business employees alike.

Thanks to TDA, that answer isn’t just for ideal worlds filled with beachfront mansions and Christmas music. That answer is our Defined Contribution plan.

Get the full scoop on this amazing plan in our free pdf “Your 3 Wishes Have Been Granted...a revolutionary solution to your most painful business & employee benefits challenges.” You can even use this as an excuse to stop by your clients and give them this special report.