About Us

Our name describes both what we do and who we are: a total dental benefits company providing quality, comprehensive dental care through both traditional and managed alternative programs, with a historical commitment to efficient administration and effective cost-containment. We are creative, innovative, and dedicated professionals. Servicing and meeting the special and unique needs of our clients is our only priority.


Our passion is people. We provide security and trust by our care and service.


We are part of a team, a second family, who cares for and protects each other. Each of us plays a vital role in making TDA great, and in contributing positively to TDA’s culture, innovation and excellence. Therefore, we trust in each other’s integrity and ability.

Originally founded as a small, regional dental company, TDA has grown into a National Insurance Benefits Company, specializing in Dental, Life, Disability, and Vision! We embrace growth as a company as well as growth individually. We believe in a work-life balance, which means that TDA is an important part of our balanced life. TDA is a vehicle to help each of us reach our individual goals, dreams, and visions. This vehicle extends to all who do business or associate with TDA.

We seek opportunities to actively, selflessly serve. Our servant attitude attracts people, builds relationships, and benefits everyone involved. We serve our brokers, community, dentists, partners, policyholders and team members. We see opportunity where others see obstacles and chaos. We are empowered to meaningfully contribute to our associates and our company. We think and act as “owners” and always give our best effort. We make it easy to do business with TDA.

We each determine our own future and make a real difference by being coachable and by setting and achieving our goals. As we elevate our thoughts, words and actions, success takes care of itself. Together we achieve more than we could ever accomplish individually.

Working together and living our vision, we will become a nationally recognized insurance benefits company.


SERVE. We actively search for ways to serve our brokers, dentists, partners, policy holders and our fellow team members. We consistently endeavor to be recognized for our world-class service.

EXCELLENCE. We don't settle or proclaim things "good enough". Striving for excellence, we provide the best we have to offer each and every day.

RESPECT. We are fiercely loyal to and respect each other. As a TDA family, we are family by choice. We love and care for each other. We recognize that each team member plays a vital role in the success of TDA. We extend this respect to all.

VEHICLE. TDA is a vehicle for all who do business or associate with us. This vehicle is to help each of us reach our goals, dreams, and visions.

INTEGRITY. We are honest in our communication and our interaction. We deliver on what we promise and keep our commitments. Our integrity sets us apart.

COMMITMENT. We are "owners", 100% committed to giving and doing our best. We are creative problem solvers with a "can do" attitude.

ELEVATE. As we elevate our thoughts, words, and actions, we consistently improve and grow, both personally and professionally. Where others see obstacles, we see opportunity