How to Put Out Fires for Your Clients, the Easy Way

Question: How can a company stop the slow burn of turnover?

Answer: TDA’s Defined Contribution plan will help maintain a loyal workforce.


Sometimes a forest needs a fire. When the old debris gets cleared away, new trees have a chance to grow strong. Some trees don’t even release their seeds unless under the heat of the fire.

Sometimes businesses need some turnover. Unproductive employees can be replaced with productive ones. In these cases, what will cost in the short term will eventually pay off in the overall health of the business “ecosystem.”

Sometimes, though, a fire can devastate a forest ecosystem.

As of July, over 7,200 square miles of the Brazilian rainforest has been burned. Tragically, this does not have the same effect as a fire in a pine forest might. Amazonian rain forests don’t need fire to rejuvenate themselves. The Amazon ecosystem thrives because every plant utilizes the rainfall it receives, and then gives that water back to generate more rainfall.

For your client companies, in the world of cost and production, very few things are always good or always bad. And a business isn’t either a pine forest or a rainforest; often, it can be both.

38% of turnover, for instance, is intentional. This includes transfers, vacancies left after promotion, and useful firings (no pun intended) to make way for better hirings.

That still leaves 62% of turnover as resignations.

If intentional turnover is the fire of renewal for a business ecosystem, resignations represent the fire of destruction. When a company’s workforce leaves, the company feels the drain everywhere. I mean everywhere, including with the brokers who have just lost clientele and experienced a drop in group participation.

This risk increases in industries such as trade and utilities, construction, retail, customer service, hospitality, and service. If you work with a company in one of these industries, or even if your clients’ businesses are unrelated but still experience frustrating turnover rates, you have an opportunity to help them extinguish the fire. By understanding their goals and business challenges, and helping them solve their problems, you become more than a salesperson in a transaction—you become a valued consultant and partner. You become their hero.

TDA’s Defined Contribution plan can help maintain a loyal workforce. Our package not only provides the benefits employees want, but gives them greater control over how their paycheck deductions are spent, and that translates to employees who want to stay. And employees who want to stay are employees who will continue to be a valuable part of your revenue stream.

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