How to Stop Giving Your Clients Surprises they Hate

Question: Can I keep my clients from being unpleasantly surprised by changing costs?

Answer: TDA’s Defined Contribution plan gives the control to the client, so they never have to pay more than they define.


Surprise parties. March Madness. Breakups. M Night Shyamalan movies. The Spanish inquisition.

Much of life is unexpected, and unpredictable. As the short list above illustrates, surprises can be good, like parties, or bad, like the movie The Village. In either case though, the brain has a specific sequence to cope:

First, your brain forces your body to freeze and find the source of the surprise. Then, you have to make some sort of shift in perspective to be able to accept whatever’s happening in order to deal with it.

When the surprise is positive, it can be a very exciting and pleasant experience. Your brain will intensify the good emotions. Unfortunately, it will do the same for the bad. You’ve heard of the “fight or flight” response—when something unexpected and bad happens, the Surprise Sequence will want to find something to blame and attack it, or get as far away from it as possible.

In the world of insurance, nobody likes the unexpected. Surprises are never a good thing. And if you’re an insurance broker, when your clients receive unexpected news—extra charges, raised renewal costs—they go through the Surprise Sequence and end up pointing the finger of blame at you.

Does this sound familiar? The price of dental treatments goes up, insurance costs rise, and you, the broker, end up looking like the bad guy to your client companies who can only see you as another unexpected expense.

Even though it’s your job to find the best deals for your client companies, all these things can feel like they’re out of your control, like you can only offer what you can offer, and it’s unavoidable to be “the bad guy” sometimes. It doesn’t help that sometimes even business leaders can’t help but follow the “flight” urge and run away from the issue, neglecting to spend the time and research to understand why benefits costs are rising; let alone their employees, who often have to take what they can get.

For you, this all translates to one reality. You need options.

Or, rather, you need the right options. If you’re going to provide your client companies with the ability to manage overall costs on their total benefits package, and give their employees the option to spend money only on the products they need, you need a benefits package that will give them back control.

The TDA Defined Contribution plan is here to give you the right options.

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