Individual Plans

Our Individual Dental Insurance plans are stand-alone and self-paid insurance plans that you can purchase for yourself and your family. With our affordable and competitive rates, an ever-expanding network of providers, and benefits that are suitable for all your needs, you are sure to find a plan that is tailored to fit your dental needs.

DHMO or Copayment Plan

Know what your out-of-pocket costs will be BEFORE you go in for your procedures. Copayment plans are plans that have a set copayment for each covered benefit. When visiting an in-network office, you will never pay anything more than what is listed in your benefits package. No annual max benefits, no deductibles, and no waiting periods for major services!

PPO or Reimbursement Plan

Whether you are visiting one of our amazing in-network dental offices or you’re seeing an out-of-network office, we will reimburse the same amount for each covered procedure.

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