TDA is dedicated to the utmost professionalism in every aspect of our relationship with providers and members.


TDA has created dental plans that excel at meeting both patient and provider needs. With the personal attention and variety of tools designed to simplify your life, you'll see why TDA is leading the way in provider satisfaction.


Great plans don't get you very far unless they get you paid. Equitable compensation is one of the core elements of our dental plans, so you can be sure you'll get paid fairly and on time.

Ease of Administration

With a historical commitment to efficient administration and cost containment, we are creative, innovative and dedicated to you.

Why is TDA the best option for your practice?

No other dental insurance company is working harder for your continued success than TDA.

How do we do that? By providing sensible plan options that give members the choice they need to access optimal service at the best value. Members that have great plan options will want great providers to fulfill those services. Our customizable plans create a large pool of members in your area, presenting you with excellent opportunities to grow your business.